MES modules by Autexis IT

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Connecting different plant levels to the ERP is a central requirement for the smart factory. The standardised communication modules lay the foundations for using the following modules to generate ‘smart data’ for optimal production monitoring and control.

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The current system status, the most important production figures and urgent alarm messages are displayed across processes and updated in real time in all plants/systems, thereby ensuring that you can always keep an eye on the entire production process. In tables and/or graphs with clearly organised charts.

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Production and energy data is used to calculate the relevant key figures and display them in any form. Key figures such as efficiency (OEE), downtimes, runtime factors, availability, order data and energy values can be visualised in the desired graph (waterfall diagram, step diagram, bar chart).

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The order overview displays the order plan data, including details of bills of materials and routing operations. Production orders can be managed and subsequently approved. All manually and automatically posted order confirmations are also displayed. The products can be automatically labelled using a label printing solution.

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Thanks to real-time monitoring of the entire production process and the display in the clear traffic light system, it is also possible to detect and correct plant malfunctions across processes at an early stage. Downtimes are reduced to a minimum in connection with KPI/OEE and the maintenance module.

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If the system to be connected does not have a suitable communication system, production data, such as downtimes, yields, defects/rejects, machine and labour times, can also be entered manually. Quality assurance documents and processes can also be displayed and worked on in the same display (touch panel).

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All data is saved in MES. Due to a secure and standardised mobile connection, all modules can also be displayed and operated on the smartphone, so that you can always keep an eye on entire production from anywhere and react promptly to major events.

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Instead of installing the service on site, you can also obtain Autexis IT MES solutions as a cloud service. The securely stored data is continuously evaluated and the responsible persons are proactively informed in the event of any impending disruptions. As a result, not only the information about the life cycle of the individual controllers and the status of the plants are always up-to-date, but also the software used.